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Messing around with a photo editing app 🙂 Aaron Sloanes mk4 golf estate! 🙂 picture courtesy of ‘’
via PicsArt Photo Studio


Dermot Dunne’s sticker bombed EK4!

This Ek4 is up there in my top 3 favorite cars on the Irish scene at the moment!  First seen pics of this over on honda-haven ( in the aftermaths thread for the Waterford meet in April of last year! Then pictures popped up over on Juicebox ( Unfortunately I have none of my own pictures, there all robbed from his project thread on H-H!

Random snap, with the new Bomex spoiler!

Dermot has a serious sticker fetish, I love it!


Sitting cutely along with Tonto’s Ek9!

Nice Ass!


Im sure Dermot has many more plans for thsi beautiful work of art and wish  him the first best of luck! 🙂

Rocky Auto Japan

Seen a feature on this shop in Speedhunters and in a issue a few months back.

Rocky Auto is a car modification shop, speciallising in classic Datsuns. I really admire the work they carry out. They take a classic japenese car and give it a heart transplant. Most popular being a RB conversion.

Example of this would be this RB25AT Skyline! 

This is one of four Skylines in there current stock with an RB conversion!

This baby is also sitting on a set of Volk TE37 V!

Another one of my favorite cars they produced is this Maroon Fairlady 240ZG!

The heart of this beauty is a RB25DET turbo engine along with paddle shift!

Out of all the Rocky Auto Fairlady Z’s this is definitely my favorite! It just looks amazing!

An Rb30 just sitting comfortable in the bay!

Carbon FTW! Along with a set of bronze TE37 V.

I’ve probably left the craziest looking till last in my opinion!

RB26! 🙂

Super wide Work Meisters!

Rocky Auto have plenty more stock, check them out at well worth 30 minutes of your life for a good browse! Enjoy! 🙂